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Deck design is an art and a craft that take at least a few years of experience to master. There are literally hundreds of variables involved in designing and building a deck. These variables include size, layout, materials used, style, maintenance, location, utilities and much more. One great way to learn more about these variables and deck building is by checking out an expert deck builder in Kent, Washington. When choosing a deck builder in Kent, Washington you need to take some important things into consideration to make sure you get the right deck builder for your needs.

The first thing to consider is experience. You want someone who has experience designing decks. A good deck builder will have built many different types of decks and knows how to deal with all of the variables involved. In Kent, we have many native species of plants and animals, as well as many exotic species. Having a deck design from Kent with a background in natural and sustainable building is ideal for the environmentally conscious homeowner.

Another important variable to consider is your deck’s location. Ideally, you want to build a deck in an area that has ample sunlight for good plant growth, so decks in the shade or shaded areas are preferable. Also, building decks near or around a pool can cause problems if the ground is soft and builders must plan for drainage issues. An experienced deck builder in Kent should be able to address all of these issues and more. Your deck builder will also be able to help with any construction issues that arise after construction is complete.

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